Keiner merkt's da transparent.
Invisalign für Jugendliche und Erwachsene.



The dental splints are made of medical plastic and are transparent.

You can easily remove them. This makes cleaning easier and optimal oral hygiene is guaranteed.

Through a 3D scan the aligners achieve a very precise fit.

With every aligner, the teeth are moved a little further.

Adults and also teenagers are very aware of their appearance and the consequences. It is therefore no wonder that the invisible braces are very popular with the patients. The advantages cannot be denied:

  • Transparent braces are particularly inconspicuous and hardly disturb the wearer in everyday life. The motivation to work is therefore much higher.
  • There is no risk of injury when exercising, and there are no problems when making music or singing.
  • The removable dental splints promote easy, age-appropriate lifestyle through easy cleaning.
  • In terms of cost / benefit, invisible braces are quite comparable to conventional braces

For tooth movement, various aligner sets are manufactured using a 3D scan and have to be changed independently by the wearer. Regular check-ups ensure the scheduled treatment process with Invisalign. Often, the orthodontist must take corrective action so that the treatment goal can be achieved. After the active treatment, the result is stabilized with retainers.

Invisalign braces have emerged as a good alternative to fixed braces. We are a certified partner and therefore have special qualifications to deal with this system.

In addition to the Invisalign system, we also have alternative products in our practice such as ClearAligner and harmony aligner, which have also proven their worth.

We are skeptical about products like Sunshine Smile, DrSmile, Smilemeup etc. We see self-treatment as extremely critical without care from a specialist dentist. Regular checks and the all-important denture impression at the start of treatment should always be carried out under monitoring of an orthodontist, as this could otherwise lead to serious problems in the course of treatment. In this context, we refer to the statement of the Federal Dental Association, which you can see here.

SAT1 über das gefährliche Versprechen aus dem Internet

Zahnschienen aus dem Internet: Wie schädlich sind sie wirklich?
Schöne, gerade Zähne – und das schnell und günstig: Das ist das Versprechen vieler Anbieter von Zahnschienen aus dem Internet. Doch nun schlägt der Verband der Deutschen Kieferorthopäden Alarm. Welche Folgen solch eine Behandlung mit sich bringen kann, erfahren Sie im Video des Frühstücksfernsehens.