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Wir schützen die Zähne während der kieferorthopädischen Maßnahmen.

Orthodontic prophylaxis for protection of teeth and temporomandibular joints

Good tooth protection is a guarantee for the perfect treatment result, especially with fixed braces. The areas around the brackets are particularly at risk because they are more difficult to access during daily cleaning. If hygiene is inadequate, bacteria can grow undisturbed there.

We therefore offer the following prophylactic measures to wearers of fixed braces


Sealing is used to seal the surface of fixed braces.

Before applying the brackets, the teeth need good protection: Due to the difficult hygiene with solid braces, caries and discoloration can unfortunately occur. We therefore seal the surface with a special coating to protect the sensitive tooth enamel.

Of course, careful tooth cleaning must still be taken into account. Regular orthodontic tooth cleaning can help.


When changing the arches, the teeth can be professionally cleaned by us if required. Above all, the sensitive areas around the brackets are carefully treated and cleaned.

However, this does not replace professional dental cleaning at the dentist. There the tooth surfaces without no brackets on them and the interdental spaces are cleaned.


In addition to our computer-based processes, we use manual structure analysis. The TMJs are checked manually. In this way, undetected complaints can be identified and taken into account during treatment. The instrumental functional analysis of the joints is made to produce a gnathological positioner.