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Nach der Zahnspange: Stabilisierung der Zähne






The so-called retention phase is probably the most important in orthodontic treatment. After completing the active treatment, the teeth are stabilized on the spot to avoid further tooth shifting.

Teeth tend to move for a lifetime. This is due to the elastic tooth roots, but also the lip pressure and the surrounding muscles.

The tooth position is fixed and stabilized using the following methods:

  • Retainer
    These are small retaining wires that are glued to the incisors on the tongue side. They are therefore very inconspicuous and fix the most critical tooth areas. They should be removed at the earliest after 5 years, or after the eruption of the wisdom teeth is complete. In many cases, the retainers can remain in the mouth for a lifetime.
  • Retention splints
    The transparent retention splint is mainly used at night and worn in consultation with the orthodontist. The advantage of the retention splints is that the entire teeth of a jaw are stabilized and the splints can be removed.
  • Retention plate
    This is a loose brace that holds the teeth in place after orthodontic treatment. Small thorns pinch between the teeth and thus stabilize the result. Here, too, we have the advantage that the entire row of teeth is fixed and the retention plate can be removed. This braces are worn 16 hours a day initially; the further wearing time is continuously reduced in consultation with the orthodontist.
  • Positioner
    The soft tooth splint encloses the tooth crowns like a sports proctection and not only fixes the treatment result, but also causes small tooth movements. The gearing becomes even tighter and more precise, making a later shift less likely. In addition, the teeth are aligned to match the temporomandibular joints. This protects the joints and prevents joint problems. This type of device is worn for 3-4 hours during the day and possibly at night. The treatment with the positioner will continue to be accompanied by the orthodontist for about 3-6 months and is not intended for long-term stabilization.